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Remote Start T-Harnesses

The premium install solution that makes remote start installs quicker, easier, and more fail-proof than ever! Each harness is built to OEM or better quality standards and are made with 100% copper wire for maximum current delivery and reliability. Thousands of vehicles covered and we're adding applications almost daily!

  • Plug in connections for main harness
    (OL-HRN-RS-PWR-CST adapter required for G5 series)
  • Plug in connections for bypass module
    Compatible models: ADS-ALCA, OFA-30, OL-MDB-ALL, FLCAN
  • Comprehensive install guides show complete basic install for each vehicle and even includes bypass programming steps. The only guide you need!
  • Ideal for quick uninstall on lease vehicles and fleet vehicles
  • Eliminate the majority of circuit testing
  • Superior connection quality to sensitive data circuits and small gauge wires when compared to traditional splicing.