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Multi-Camera Switcher
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The CrimeStopper VSMC-4000 is a multi-channel video switcher that offers 4 video inputs controlled by 4 individual triggers and a single video output. This will allow you to have a single monitor to show multiple cameras. With 4 camera inputs you can use the system to see blind spots where previously you were unable to see.

  • Displays (4) Images On (1) Monitor simultaneously
  • (4) Video Inputs, (1) Video Output
  • Main Control Unit Powers All (4) Cameras
  • Auto-switching On Reverse and Turn Signals
  • Front Camera Can Be On When All Other Cameras Are Off
  • Front Camera Can Also Be Used As Triggered Camera


The CrimeStopper VSMC-4000 is a multi-channel video switcher that offers 4 video inputs that can be triggered by 4 independent 12 volt triggers (Left turn signal, right turn signal, reverse lights and ignition) with all of the cameras sending the video out of a single standard 75 Ohm video cable. This is a great piece for any vehicle with blind spots as you can mount cameras in locations that would allow you to see what may be in those blind spots. You can also connect a backup camera to the system and have all the video outputs to a single monitor. This still leaves 1 more input which can be used for a variety of applications, some of the most used are front camera, trailer camera and interior camera. We recommend that when using the last input that you connect the trigger to ignition, this will allow that camera to be on at all times but when any of the other cameras are triggered they will override the “front” camera input allowing you to see in your blind spot or where you are backing up. The reverse trigger will always override any other trigger that is ON.

Manufacturer P/N: VSMC4000

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