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Universal 1-Way Security and Remote Start Combo
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The CrimeStopper SP-402 is our first of universal remote start and security all in one system. This system comes with 2 (5) button remotes with up to 1500 ft. of range. The system offers all of the features that our security and remote start systems offer all in 1 system. No need for a remote to control your alarm and another remote to control your remote start. This system offers dual 2-way data ports for both our OFA integration modules as well as Fortin integration modules. Also with a quick programming change and the addition of our 2-way upgrade kit it can become a full 2-way remote start and alarm combo.

  • (2) 5 button transmitters with 1500 feet of range
  • Remote start built-in
  • Arm/lock - disarm/unlock
  • Keyless entry
  • Priority unlock feature
  • Double pulse unlock
  • Trunk release
  • Disarm with trunk release
  • Dual 2-way data port for integration module connection
  • (3) Auxiliary outputs
  • Parking lights output
  • Positive and negative door inputs
  • Auxiliary negative input (hood or trunk)
  • Starter kill option
  • Horn and siren outputs
  • Dual stage shock sensor with adjustments
  • Code hopping receiver
  • Multi-vehicle functionality
  • Gas, diesel and hybrid compatibility
  • Programmable engine sense, Tach, Tachless, Hybrid modes
  • Manual transmission compatible
  • Manual transmission mode activated by e-brake or remote
  • 35 programmable options


The CrimeStopper SP-402 is our best 1-way universal remote start and security all in one system. The system comes with 2 (5) button remotes with up to 1500 ft of range. This system offers ARM/LOCK, DISARM/UNLOCK, TRUNK RELEASE, START/STOP & MULTI-VEHICLE operation. The security side of the system offers all the options you would be looking for including dual stage shock sensor, 120 dB siren, starter kill output and relay, multiple auxiliary outputs and much more. 

Being able to remote start your vehicle from up to 1500 ft. away will be a great convenience for you whether it is the coldest day or the hottest day this system will warm or cool your vehicle as needed. The remote start can also be set up to start your vehicle every couple of hours to help reduce the risk of any of the fluids freezing up. If you have a turbo this also has the benefit of offering a turbo timer that will allow the vehicle to continue to run for a short amount of time once you reach your destination to allow the turbo time to properly cool off. 

This system offers over 30 programmable options, offers the ability to be installed on either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle and the best part is, it is a completely UNIVERSAL system. What that means is that this can be installed on any vehicle (some vehicles may require extra parts). This system does have the ability to be upgraded to a 2-way system by adding out 2-way upgrade kit giving you a full 2-way LCD remote and 1-way companion system with the added benefit of doubling the range of the system.

Manufacturer P/N: SP402

Products specifications
System Type1-Way
Range1500 Ft.
Data PortYes
Remotes(2) 1-Way Single-Button transmitters
Passive ArmingYes
Keyless EntryYes
Driver's Priority UnlockYes
Remote StartYes
Dome Light SupervisionYes
Shock SensorYes
Horn Honk OutputYes
Starter Kill OutputYes
Trunk ReleaseYes
Auxiliary Outputs3
Carjack ProtectionYes
Remote PanicYes
Silent Arm/DisarmYes
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