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Manufacturer part number: RS00-G5
Add-On Remote Start for use with OEM Keyless Entry Systems
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The CrimeStopper RS00-G5 is our add-on remote start system that allows you to remote start your vehicle from your OEM keyless remote. This means no extra remotes to carry around or changing to a different remote all together. To activate the remote start, you just press the LOCK button 3 times and that is it.

  • Utilizes OEM keyless entry transmitters to start vehicle
  • 2-way data port for integration module connection
  • Horn honk confirmation
  • Programmable engine sense, Tach, Tachless, Hybrid modes
  • Gas, diesel and hybrid compatibility
  • Manual transmission mode activated by e-brake or remote
  • 31 programmable options


The CrimeStopper RS00-G5 is our add-on remote start. This system works via your OEM remote to allow you to start your vehicle without the need of extra remotes. To activate the system, you will need to just press the LOCK button 3 times. This will trigger the remote start system to start your vehicle. 

The system itself has many features such as, 2-way data port for both OFA (ADS) and Fortin integration modules, programmable tach, gas, diesel or hybrid compatibility along with 31 other programmable options. Some vehicles keyless entry can go to “sleep” once the vehicle’s ignition is ON whether by remote start or by keyed start, since this can happen we do recommend that you consult with your installer to be sure that this system will work for your vehicle.

Manufacturer P/N: RS00G5

Products specifications
System Type1-Way
Data PortYes
RemotesUses OEM trasmitter to operate
Passive ArmingNo
Keyless EntryThrough OEM remote
Driver's Priority UnlockThrough OEM remote
Remote StartYes
Dome Light SupervisionNo
Shock SensorNo
Horn Honk OutputNo
Starter Kill OutputNo
Trunk ReleaseThrough OEM remote
Auxiliary Outputs0
Carjack ProtectionNo
Remote PanicThrough OEM remote
Silent Arm/DisarmNo
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