Manufacturer part number: PARK-PLED1
Customizable Premium Add-On LED Display
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The CrimeStopper PARK-PLED1 is an add-on accessory for the PARK-PMCU parking assist kit.

  • Perfect for mounting on headliners
  • Works with PARK-PMCU premium parking assist system
  • Removable cover so it can be painted to match the vehicle
  • Mounting tabs under cover for different mounting options
  • Numerical distance (in feet) shown on display


The PARK-LED1 is a premium add-on LED display is a visual representation to complement the audible tone. This display can be disassembled and painted to match the interior of the vehicle. 

The LED housing has 2 sets of LED lights that correspond to the left or right of the vehicle and light up as you get closer to an object on that side of your vehicle. The numerical display in the middle will tell you how close you are from the object in feet. The LED display can be programmed to give the correct read-out no matter how you mount it, dash, headliner, under the rear view mirror. 

The LED display can be mounted on the dash, or on the headliner positioned toward the front or rear of the vehicle.

Manufacturer P/N: PARKPLED1

Products specifications
Visual Indication

2 Digit Numeric LEDs (indicates feet)
7 LED bars (left) 
7 LED bars (right)

Audible Indication
Indicator Cable Length232” (5.9 m)
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