SV-1200.PLW Kit


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Video Over Power Line System

$129.95  (installation not included)

The CrimeStopper SV-1200.PLW is a universal wireless video signal transmitter that will transmit video from the transmitter to the receiver over the 12 Volt source already in the vehicle. This will allow you to install a camera in 1 part of the vehicle, like the back of a motorhome and have the video show up on the monitor without the need to run a video cable the length of the vehicle.

  • Video transmission over DC power circuits
  • Eliminates installing lengthy video cable runs
  • Simple power and ground hook up
  • Perfect for large trucks, motor homes, buses and limousines
  • Up to 200 ft. of range
  • Waterproof Design


The CrimeStopper SV-1200.PLW is a universal wireless video signal transmitter and receiver that will send video from 1 point to another without the need of running wires. This is a great option for vehicles such as semis, busses, motorhomes and more.

How this works is, the transmitters convert the RCA input signal into a signal that can be transmitted and carried across a 12 Volt source that is already ran in the vehicle (generally this is an ignition source or reverse wire).

The receiver will connect to the same 12 Volt source in the front of the vehicle then convert it back to a video output. Since this is a wired connection there is no loss in video quality.


Transmit Frequency
2.4 GHZ
Transmit Range
200 Ft
Modulation Method
Video System
Video Input
RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
TX / RX:  2⅜"(L) × 2½"(W) × 1"(D)
Operating Temperature
-22°F - 176°F (-30°C - 80°C)
Power Source
DC 12V - 24V
Power Consumption
TX: 70mA / RX: 50mA


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