Forget running long lengths of RCA cables on larger vehicles and make your camera installation and little easier with a wireless video system

SecurView™ SV-1200.PLW

SecurView™ SV-1200.PLW

Universal Power Line Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver

The SecurView™ SV-1200.PLW is a wireless video signal transmitter that converts a hardwired video signal from a reverse camera and converts it to a wireless signal that goes through the power lines of the vehicle to a wireless receiver module up front with the monitor. This makes it so that the installer does not have to run a conventional RCA video cable from the camera to the monitor.

MSRP: $129.95
SecurView™ SV-2000.BRV

SecurView™ SV-2000.BRV

2.4 GHZ Digital Single Channel Wireless Camera and Monitor System

Do you need to install a reverse camera and monitor on a trailer but dread the thought of running a long length of video cable? The SV-2000.BRV is your solution. This camera/monitor system uses a 2.4 GHZ wireless frequency to transmit the video signal wireless from the camera to the monitor cutting the installtion time in half and preventing the installer from going crazy by running lots and lots of video cable.

MSRP: $399.95
SecurView™ SV-2002.BRV

SecurView™ SV-2002.BRV

2.4 GHZ Digital Dual Channel Wireless Camera and Monitor System

The SecurView™ SV-2002.BRV is built the same way as the SV-2000.BRV model except it is a dual channel wireless system allowing two cameras to transmit the wireless video signal to a single receiver in the monitor. Just like the previous model, it uses a 2.4 GHZ frequency to transmit the signal from the camera(s) to the monitor eliminating hours of install time of having to run long lengths of video cable.

MSRP: $449.95




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