Around-the-clock video surveillance recording of your vehicle for extra security and safety against vandalism, theft and car-jacking

Mobile DVR™ UBB-4.CQ

Mobile DVR™ UBB-4.CQ

4-Channel DVR System with Built-in Quad Processor

The UBB-4.CQ is the the "Ultimate Black Box" for your personal vehicle providing around-the-clock surveillance using up to four cameras to record around the entire vehicle not only while you are driving but also when the vehicle is parked. It is one of the best solutions to protect you and your vehicle against theft, vandalisam and car-jacking. The system will record when the ignition is on or it can be tied in with a security system to begin recording when the security system is triggered.

MSRP: $349.95
Mobile DVR™ CDR-520

Mobile DVR™ CDR-520

4-Channel Commercial DVR System with Built-in Quad Processor

The CDR-520 is our bigger commercial black box DVR system. Just like the UBB-4.CQ model, it uses up to four cameras to record and provide video surveillance around the vehicle at all times. The memory storage capacity of this system is quadriple the capacity of the UBB-4.CQ model providing up to 128GB of storage space to store all recordings from all four cameras. The SD cards can also be locked into place with a key so that only the vehicle owner can retrieve them.

MSRP: $599.95
Mobile DVR™ CDR-525

Mobile DVR™ CDR-525

4-Channel Commercial DVR System with Built-in Quad Processor and GPS

The CDR-525 is commercial black box DVR system that provides the absolute best in video surveillance. Just like the other models, it uses up to four cameras for video surveillance and also has the same amount of memory storage as it's sister CDR-520 model. The major difference is that this system also provides a GPS location and vehicle information with all recordings so the vehicle owner can see exactly where as well as when the recorded event took place.

MSRP: $799.95




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