RecordCam™ DR-520.Wi-Fi

RecordCam™ DR-520.Wi-Fi

Compact HD DVR with Built-in LCD Screen, Wi-Fi and 170° CMOS Camera

The DR-520.Wi-Fi is the lastest and greatest in DVR technology. It is a compact DVR system with a built-in 170° CMOS camera that records in HD 1080p, night vision and a built-in 2.7" LCD screen for onsite playback of all recordings. The biggest upgrade from the previous models is the built-in Wi-Fi which allows the user to review all recordings from their Smartphone using a downloadable app availabel in the iTunes store or on the Google Play markets.

MSRP: $229.95


  • The DR-520.Wi-Fi is the newest addition to our RecordCam™ DVR line. It is a compact DVR system with a built-in wide-angle 170° CMOS camera, a 2.7" LCD screen for on-site playback and Wi-Fi. The wide-angle camera lense will be able to record almost everything looking out the windshield and is also equipped with night vision for better illuminiation during night time driving. The crystal-clear LCD scrren allows the useer to navigate through the systems multiple menu selections as well as playback any of the system recordings and the built-in Wi-Fi hot spot will allow the user to access their recordings through their Smartphone.

  • The DR-520.Wi-Fi will automatically start recording as soon as the ignition turns on and will continuously record until the ignition is turned off. The system also has manual recording mode which when activated will keep the system recording until you press the recording button again to shut it off. The recordings are split up into individual three-minute files and are stored on the SD card. The system has it's own built-in 2.7" LCD monitor for on-site playback. You can remove the SD card and view the files from you computer at home or plug into your computer using the USB 2.0 connection. The DR-520.Wi-Fi also has a built-in HDMI output for high definition hook-up to an external LCD monitor.

  • The built-in G-Sensor will force the unit to start recording if it picks-up sudden acceleration, hard braking or sudden movement from a collision. These recordings are stored on the SD card and locked automatically by the unit so that they cannot be over written by continuous ignition or manual recorded files. These files can only be deleted by physically removing the SD card and deleting them from your computer.

  • For surveillance when you are away from the vehicle, the DR-520.Wi-Fi has a built-in motion sensor which will take individual photos when the cameras detect movement. The images are also stored on the SD card in JPEG format and are also locked by the unit with override protection. These images cannot be deleted unless the SD card is removed and plugged deleted from a computer. The motion sensor will provide the around-the-clock surveillance you need to catch anyone trying to vandalize or break into your vehicle. The IR night vision will also be activated with the camera when the motion detection is activated so you will get well illuminated images even at night time.

  • Perhaps the most advanced upgrade of the DR-520.Wi-Fi system that sets it apart from the other RecordCam™ models is the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot which will allow the user to access the DVR system and view the recordings from their Smartphone as long as they are within range of the Wi-Fi hotspot. The system has a downloadable app on the iTunes store or Google Shop that can be used with your iPhone or Android™ Smartphone. Once the app is downloaded, the user can access their recordings using the smarthphone. This way, you do not have to be in the vehicle to playback the recordings or retrieve the SD card from the system. The Wi-Fi distance is up to 50 Ft. so most users will be able to access the system from inside their home or from a small office building their car is parked right outside in the driveway, on the street or in a parking lot.

  • Features:

    • Provides around-the-clock video sruveillance of the vehicle
    • Mounts to windshield in seconds using a suction cup bracket
    • 170° CMOS camera with night vision
    • Built-in 2.7" LCD screen for on-site video playback
    • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to access DVR recordings from Smartphone
    • App available on iTunes or Google Shop
    • Comptabile with iPhone or Android™ Smartphones
    • G-sensor to detect impact or sudden acceleration
    • Motion Sensing to start recording when movement is detected in front of the camera
    • Built-in microphone for audio recording
    • Uses 32GB max SD card for video file and image storage
    • HDMI output for hook-up to an HD screen or monitor
    • USB 2.0 for easy hook-up to a computer
    • Cyclic recording mode
    • Internal Lithium-Ion backup battery
    • Multi-language selection
    • Includes car charger for easy power hook-up


  • Resolution (?) HD 1080p
    TV System (?) NTSC / PAL
    Dimensions: (?) 2⅞"(L) × 3⅛"(W) × 1½"(D)
    Power Source: (?) DC 12V - 24V car charger adapted to DC 5V
    Power Consumption: (?) Active: 1000mA (12V)   Standby: 7mA
    Operating Temperature: (?) -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
    GPS: (?) No
    Wi-Fi: (?) Yes
    Audio: (?) Yes
    DVR Storage: (?) Micro SD Card (32GB Max)
    Recording Speed: (?) 30 FPS
    Motion Detection: (?) Yes
    G-Sensor: (?) Yes
    Video Format: (?) H.264 AVI/MP4
    Image Format: (?) JPEG
    Image Sensor: (?) CMOS
    Viewing Angle: (?) 170°(H) / 90°(V)
    Night Vision: (?) Yes
    Electronic Shutter: (?) 1/50s - 1/100000s
    Screen Size: (?) 2.7" Touch Screen
    Waterproof: (?) No

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • DR-520.Wi-Fi Instruction Manual VER: A 2-28-2014 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE




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