Mobile DVR CDR-520

Mobile DVR™ CDR-520

4-Channel Commercial DVR System with Built-in Quad Processor

The CDR-520 is our bigger commercial black box DVR system. Just like the UBB-4.CQ model, it uses up to four cameras to record and provide video surveillance around the vehicle at all times. The memory storage capacity of this system is quadriple the capacity of the UBB-4.CQ model providing up to 128GB of storage space to store all recordings from all four cameras. The SD cards can also be locked into place with a key so that only the vehicle owner can retrieve them.

MSRP: $599.95


  • The CDR-520 is our commercial Black Box type DVR system that supports up to four cameras for simultaneous recording around the vehicle. The CDR-520 will activate when the ignition system is powered up and activates all four cameras to start recording. The DVR system will continue to record as long as the ignition is on. It also has a series of trigger inputs that will allow the system to activate and start recording on designated camera inputs.

  • The CDR-520 uses up to four 32GB SD cards (128GB max) for recording storage making it the largest DVR system in our inventory in terms of memory capacity. When the ignition cycles on, the DVR system will power up all four cameras, or how ever many are plugged into the system and will begin recording. When one SD card is full, the system will begin storing recordings onto the next one until all SD cards are full. The system has a cyclic recording feature so when all SD cards are full, the system will automatically begin re-writing over the oldest recorded file. The CDR-520 also supports a USB connection to allow recordings to be backed up onto a flash drive instead of leaving all the recordings stored on the SD card. The user can go into the system and select which recordings that want to be saved and back them up onto the USB device.

  • The CDR-520 gives you full control when it comes to custmizing your recording options. Not only does it simply record on all four cameras when the ignition is on, but you can also set the system for timer recording as well. The user the program each individual video input to start recording any time of day on any day of the week. This is perfect for vehicle owners who thing that there vehicle is being vandalised or burglarised. The timer can also be set to record for any length of time the user designates whether it be ten minutes or three hours. The recording quality can also be programmed by the user as well. Each camera input can be programmed to record in a certain file type (AVI, FLM, MSV) and the recording time length can be set to allow the DVR system to record files to a certan time length. This will prevent the system from recording too large of files and make it easier to review when playing back the recordings. The frame rate can be adjusted between 30 FPS for NTSC and 25 FPS for PAL TV systems and the audio recording rate can also be adjusted from low to high quality. Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation san also be adjusted individually between each camera input. This way if you have a camera that is on the inside of the vehicle and the picture needs to be brighter to see inside, you can adjust the picture quality on that specific camera without affecting any of the other channels.

  • Other useful features of the CDR-520 are the built-in G-Sensor which forces the system to begin recording to an accident. When the G-Sensor is triggerd, the recordings are autmatically write protected and cannot be deleted over-written until the user manually deletes them from the system or backs them up onto the USB device. The G-Sensor sensitivity can be increased or decreased to allow the unit to start recording based on how high or low the G-forces are. The system also has motion sensing to allow automatic recording is any motion is detected on any of the cameras. A speed sensor input to clock the vehicles speed during the recorded events. With the speed sensor hooked up, the user can set the syetem to record based on constant speed and distance. The system also has an "Overspeed" setting which allows the system to start recording if the vehicle travels over a certain speed. Last the CDR-520 system has a series of alarm triggers which can trigger the system to activate and begin recordng with the door trigger, turn signals and brake pedal.

  • The CDR-520 comes includes with a full-functional remote control to navigate and change the settings of the system. It also includes a viewer software to download onto you computer. This viewer will allow the user to view the recordings on their computer when the SD card is retrieved from fhe system. The viewer not only shows the recordings from the system but also displays the G-Sensor and Speed Sensor information from the system as well.

  • Features:

    • Provides around-the-clock video sruveillance of the vehicle
    • Allows up to (4) different cameras to record simultaneously with ignition on
    • Built-in quad processor allows the driver to view all four cameras at once
    • Auto-detection of cameras: System will automatically display 1-4 cameras depending on how many are plugged in
    • Supports (4) 32GB SD cards for recording storage (128GB max)
    • SD cards can be locked into the system with a key
    • Synchronous recording of audio and video
    • On-site playback of video files with LCD monitor or SD cards can be retrieved and view from a computer
    • USB 2.0 connection for backing up recording files and software updates
    • (8) Alarm trigger inputs including door trigger, turn signals and foot brake
    • Timer recording capability
    • Recordings can be secured by password protection
    • Records time and date and is deisplayed on all recordings
    • Multi-language setup
    • Built-in G-Sensor for crash detection recording
    • Motion sensing recording
    • Built-in speed sensor to clock vehicle speed during recorded event
    • Time and date stamp on all recorded files
    • Supplies power to all four cameras and monitor
    • Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustments
    • Includes viewing software to view recordings, G-Sensor and Speed Sensor information from computer
    • Full-function remote to operate the system


  • Resolution (?) 720 × 480
    TV System (?) NTSC / PAL
    Video Inputs (?) (4) Aerial/RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
    Video Outputs: (?) (1) Aerial/RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
    Dimensions: (?) 6½"(L) × 7"(W) × 1¾"(D)
    Power Source: (?) DC 9V - 36V
    Power Consumption: (?) Active: 5W   Standby: 2mA
    Operating Temperature: (?) -4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C)
    GPS: (?) No
    Wi-Fi: (?) No
    Audio: (?) Yes
    DVR Storage: (?) SD Card - 4×32GB (128GB Max) / USB Disk (2TB)
    Recording Speed: (?) 25 - 30 FPS
    Motion Detection: (?) Yes
    G-Sensor: (?) Yes
    Video Format: (?) H.264 AVI/MP4
    Image Format: (?) None
    Waterproof: (?) No

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • CDR-520 Instruction Manual VER: 1.40001 5-13-2013 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE




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