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4-Channel DVR System with Built-in Quad Processor

The UBB-4.CQ is the "Ultimate Black Box" for your personal vehicle providing around-the-clock surveillance using up to four cameras to record around the entire vehicle not only while you are driving but also when the vehicle is parked. It is one of the best solutions to protect you and your vehicle against theft, vandalism and car-jacking. The system will record when the ignition is on or it can be tied in with a security system to begin recording when the security system is triggered.

  • Provides around-the-clock monitoring of the vehicle
  • Up to (4) cameras can record while ignition is on
  • Built-in processor allows viewing of all cameras at once on external monitor (not included)
  • Up to (3) triggers can activate system
  • SD card can be removed to view files on a computer
  • (1) 32GB SD card
  • Standard or HD recording
  • Wired microphone included
  • Can be integrated into alarm system for triggered recording
  • Full function remote


The UBB-4.CQ is a vehicle "black box" DVR system that can support up to four different cameras for simultaneous recording around the vehicle. The system has three different trigger inputs (Ignition, reverse, dome light) to activate the system and begin recording.

The cameras are activated depending on the zone that is triggered at the time of the event. The ignition trigger is the primary trigger of the system which will activate all four cameras and begin recording. The reverse and dome light triggers are second and third triggers for the system. The dome light trigger will activate all four cameras as well and the reverse trigger will activate only the rear camera video signal.

The dome light trigger can be integrated with any aftermarket alarm system so that if the vehicle is tampered with or broken into, the DVR will instantly activate and start recording to catch the thief in the act. The system also includes a microphone input to allow audio recording The UBB-4.CQ records all events and allows the user to review them at the same time. The system has the ability to split the screen into four different quadrants to view all recordings on all triggers at the time the event took place, whether it was a car accident or a break-in.

All recordings are saved on an SD card that the unit holds which can be removed for viewing. A built-in clock allows the system to give real-time accurate recordings of any event that took place.

A full functional remote is included to cycle through the system if you are viewing the recordings from a monitor in your vehicle or if you want to change any of the unit's internal settings such as recording times, time change, or SD card setup.


Display Resolution
720 × 480
Video System
Video Inputs
(4) RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
Video Outputs
(1) RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)
4"(L) × 6¾"(W) × 1¼"(D)
Operating Temperature
32°F - 158°F (0°C - 70°C)
Power Source
DC 9V - 36V
Power Consumption
Active: ≤400mA   Standby: ≤10mA
Audio In/Out
DVR Storage
SD Card (32GB Max)
Frame Rate
30 FPS
Motion Detection
Video Format
H.264 ASF
Image Format


Comsumer DVR - Owner's Manual