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Premium Front Parking Assist System with Audible Warning

$149.95  (installation not included)

The CA-5017.MATT.2 is a premium front parking assist system with a warning chime. It comes with (4) high frequency ultra-sonic sensors that will alert you of objects in front of you when you. The system will alert you with a chime that will get faster as you get closer to the object.

  • (4) Ultrasonic rear waterproof sensors
  • External speaker with volume adjustment
  • Intelligent detection
  • Anti-false alert technology
  • Self-test function
  • Can be used as a 2 or 4 sensor system
  • Available in matte finish
  • Sensors can be painted to match vehicle
  • Hole saw included


The CA-5017.MATT.2 is our premium front parking assist system with a warning chime. It offers (4) high frequency ultra-sonic impact warning sensors. Some vehicles are difficult to install all (4) sensors, this is no problem as this system will work fine with just (2) sensors. Each sensor comes with shims at different angles so that you can get the perfect angle to get the most out of the premium parking assist system. 

Each sensor has a range of 3.5 feet to be able to pick up most everything in front of your vehicle. The warning chime has a volume adjustment on it so that you can be sure to hear it wherever it is mounted. As you get closer to an object the chimes get faster until it gets to a single, constant tone. The faster the chime, the closer to the object you get. The system has a self-test feature that will automatically detect how many sensors are connected and adjust the width of the detection for each sensor as needed. 

The CA-5017.MATT.2 also offers the “Intelligent Detection” system that will allow this system to work on vehicles with any mounted onto the front of the vehicle such as push bars or towing attachments without causing false alerts. The (4) sensors are waterproof and can be painted to match the vehicle, just be sure that the paint is not metalized and is only in a light coat. Metalized or heavily painted sensors could cause false alerts. The system does come with the hole saw needed to properly install the sensors into your vehicle.


Sensor Type
(4) 40KHz Ultrasonic Sensors
Sensor Range
0.9 Ft - 3.5 Ft
Visual Indication
Audible Indication
Operating Temperature
-40°F - 185°F (-40°C - 85°C)
Power Source
DC 9V - 16V
Power Consumption
Sensors Only (IP68)
Hole Saw Size
18.8 MM
Sensor Cable Length
1 Ft
Sensor Cable Ext Length
14½ Ft
Audible Alert Cable Length
5½ Ft
Module: 3¾"(L) × 3⅜"(W) × 1"(D) Buzzer: 2⅜"(L) × 1¾"(W) × ½"(D)


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