CA-5010.II Kit



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Rear Parking Assist System with LED Display for Non-Metal Bumpers

$129.95  (installation not included)

The CrimeStopper CA-5010.II is a rear parking assist system designed specifically for vehicles with non-metal bumpers that offers an LED display as well as audible chime when you are getting close to an object. The system includes 4 paintable, ultra-sonic sensors to alert you when you are backing up your vehicle if you are getting close to an object. The LED display will light up as well as give a distance on how close you are getting; the audible alert will increase in alerts as well.

  • (4) Ultrasonic rear waterproof sensors
  • LED display with built-in speaker for alert
  • Intelligent detection
  • Sensors can be painted to match vehicle
  • Hole saw included


The CrimeStopper CA-5010.II is a rear parking assist system with an audible and visual alert designed specifically for vehicles with non-metal bumpers. The system comes with 4 ultra-sonic, waterproof, paintable sensors (non-metalized paint only), shims to adjust the sensor angle, the main control unit, LED display with audible speaker and all the necessary wiring.

The system can be used as a 2 sensor only setup if there is limited space to use all 4 sensors. The main control unit has features like the “intelligent detection” that allows you utilize the system even if you have bike racks, tow hitches or spare tire racks and not interfere with the operation of the system.

The LED display will show you how close you are getting to an object by the lighting up as well as by showing the distance numerically. The LED display will also alert you audibly with the built in speaker. The alerts with get faster as you get closer. With the included hole saw you can be sure that the hole for the sensors are the perfect size.


Sensor Type
(4) 40KHz Ultrasonic Sensors
Sensor Range
≤6 Ft.
Visual Indication
Color LED Display
Audible Indication
Buzzer (Built into display)
Operating Temperature
-22°F - 176°F (-30°C - 80°C)
Power Source
DC 10.5V - 16V
Power Consumption
≤220mA max
Sensors Only (IP68)
Hole Saw Size
21 MM
Sensor Cable Length
8½ in
Sensor Cable Ext Length
17 Ft
Audible Alert Cable Length
16 Ft
Module: 3"(L) × 4¾"(W) × 1"(D)
Display: ¾"(L) × 3"(W) × 1"(D)


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