Traknet™ TN-4005.II

Traknet™ TN-4005.II

Consumer Trak™ Manual GPS Tracking System for Personal Vehicles

The Traknet™ TN-4005.II is our consumer GPS tracking system that allows the user to track there vehicle from a computer or Smartphone. The system can not only track the vehicle but can also unlock the vehicle door and shut down the starter or ignition system if the vehcile is stolen. The TN-4005.TN is the perfect solution for vehicle owner's who want to keep any eye on there vehicle at all times.

MSRP: $495.00
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  • The TN-4005.II Consumer Trak™ GPS tracking system allows the user to track there vehicle from a computer or from the browser on their Smarthphone. The system is a manual tracking system used for infrequent tracking, meaning the user has to actually log into the system a send the system a command to get a location on the vehicle. The system itself is a small self-contained module with a built-in GPS and cellular antenna and is smaller than a credit card in length and width.

  • Once the system is installed in your car, you can then activate the service. There is no activation fee for the system and once the service is activated, the user will be provided with five-hundred messages or hits. Whenever you login a track the vehicle, one of the messages will be used and anytime the user receives a message from the tracking system such as Geofence alerts, speed alerts or alarm alerts, one message will be used. Messages can be refilled any anytime from the website and service can be renewed at the end of the first year. The first year of service is completely free so once you setup the system and activate the service from the website, you are good to go and it will not cost any money unless any message need to be added.

  • Tracking the system is very easy. Once logged into the site, the user will be able to see a two-dimensional map with a locate button on the left side of the screen. When the locate is sent, one message is used and a few seconds later, the location of the vehicle will appear on the map with the nearest distance address to the vehicle. Besides just aquiring a location, the user can also has other security features such as door unlock control and starter endable and disable. When these commands are sent to the system, one message is used for each command that is sent and the system will send back a confirmation that the action was completed. The device will also give the user security and safety alerts as well such as speed alerts which will tell the user if their vehicle has gone over a certain speed. Geofence violation which alerts the user if the tracking system has gone in or out of a define geographic location. And lastly, security alerts which will let the user know if the vehicle alarm system has be tripped. All alerts can be sent to the user via email or SMS text message.

  • If you are a parent who is worried about you teen driver when you hand over the keys, then the TN-4005.II is the answer to your peace-of-mind. Every time a parent hands over the keys to their teen driver, they worry about the safety and actions of the newest driver in the household – and with good reason. Driver's Ed is not enough! Drivers in the 16-22 year old age group are involved in more accidents and fatalities than all other age groups combined. Even the best of kids find themselves in difficult situations, due to excessive speed, distractions or just plain inexperience of driving. Many teens feel social pressures to show off, speed, or perform dangerous acts behind the wheel to impress their peers. The TN-4005.II allows parents to monitor their teen driver(s) when they are behind the wheel, with features such as: Speed Alerts, Geofence notification and starter disable, they can keep their teen(s) safe and protect what's important to them. A 60 day location and alert report is automatically generated by the system and can be downloaded and printed by the user at any time.

  • Installation of the system is very simple, especially if you are only looking for basic tracking features on the vehicle. If tracking is all you want, then it is a simple power, ground and ignition hook-up. If you want the other optional features such as door unlocking and starter disable, then this wiring will all have to be done by the installer and will take a little more time. These features are purely optional however and do not need to be hooked up in order of the basic tracking features to work.

  • Features:

    • User manually tracks their vehicle via the internet
    • Theft prevention and recovery
    • Ultra-small module will built-in GPS/Cellular antennas
    • Ideal for infrequent use or Buy Here, Pay Here vehicle financing programs
    • Easy to use web interface.
    • Helps keep an eye on new teenage drivers
    • Alert notifications via SMS text message or email
    • Provides speed alerts, geofence and security notifications
    • Door unlock and starter disable (Addition installation required)
    • Can be wired in with an aftermarket vehcile security system
    • Minimun three-wire connection: Power, ground and ignition
    • Nationwide coverage (Anywhere in North America)
    • Printalbe history reports
    • Uncludes 1-year service plan and 500 messages with activation
    • First year of service is free
    • No activation fees


  • Communication Modes: (?) GPRS / packet data, TCP/IP and SMS
    GPRS Mode: (?) Class B
    Radio Frequency: (?) GSM/GPRS Quad Band - (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
    Carrier Frequency: (?) L1 (1575.42 MHz.)
    Coarse/Aquistion Code: (?) Accurate within 33 Ft.
    Starter Kill Output: (?) Yes
    Door Unlock Output: (?) Yes
    Security Alerts: (?) Yes
    GeoFence: (?) Yes
    Speed Alerts: (?) Yes
    Operating Temperature: (?) -22°F - 158°F (-30°C - 70°C)
    Power Source: (?) DC 4.8V - 30V
    Power Consumption: (?) Active: 35mA (12V)   Standby: 3mA (12V)
    Dimensions: (?) 2¼"(L) × 2¼"(W) × ½"(D)

  • NOTE: Product specifications are subject to change and may change at any time without notice. For any questions, please call Technical Support at 800-998-6880


  • TN-4005.II Install Guide VER: A 2-28-2012 DOWNLOAD
    TN-4005.II Wiring Guide VER: A 3-30-2012 DOWNLOAD

  • NOTE: All installation and operation manuals can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher. To download the latest version: CLICK HERE


  • The Traknet™ TN-4005.II requires a service activation is order for you to start tracking your vehicle. The information listed below is the cost of the service plan and the features that it covers on the system. Once you're setup, you can track your vehicle, unlock the doors and shut down the starter just by sending the command from your smartphone or computer. The system uses a browser based application so you can utilize the system from any smartphone, tablet or computer as long as you have a stable internet connection.

  • 1-Year Airtime Service Plan
    General Plan
    Per Year
    1st year of service is free / NO ACTIVATION FEES
    Covers 1 Year of Service on a single tracking system
    Includes ALL GPS Funcitons (Location, Heading, Speed Alerts and GeoFence)
    *Door Unlock Function
    *Starter Kill Function
    *Secruity Alerts via SMS Text Message or Email
    Printable 60 Day History
    500 Messages Included
    Additional Messages can be added at anytime

  • NOTE:*The Door Unlock, Starter Kill and Security Alert features are included with the service but they may require some additional installtion and labor to work on the vehicle. Consult with your installer prior to installation.




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