The ultimate in video recording technology, the UBB-4.CQ Mobile DVR system provides around-the-clock video surveillance recording for your vehicle. These recordings may be used in court to show proof of any event that took place such as: accidents, theft, vandalism or car jacking.

  • Fleet management companies (Taxis, buses, trucks, etc)
  • Emergency vehicles (Police, fire, paramedics, etc)
  • Rental car companies
  • Driving centers and driving instructors
  • Motor insurance companies
  • Car importers and dealers
  • Vehicle owners

The UBB-4.CQ is a vehicle "black box" DVR system that can support up to four different cameras for simultaneous recording around the vehicle. The system has four different trigger inputs (Ignition, reverse, dome light and turn signal) to activate the recording. The cameras are activated depending on the zone that is triggered at the time of the event. The ignition trigger is the primary trigger, the reverse and turn signal are second and third. The dome light and turn signal trigger can be integrated with any aftermarket alarm system so that if the vehicle is tampered with or broken into, the DVR will instantly pick up and start recording to catch the thief in the act. The system also includes a microphone input to allow audio recording of the events as well.

The UBB-4.CQ records all events and allows the user to review them at the same time. The system has the ability to split the screen into four different quadrants to view all recordings on all triggers at the time the event took place, whether it was a car accident or a break-in. All recordings are saved on an SD card that the unit holds which can be removed for viewing. A built-in clock allows the system to give real-time accurate recordings of any event that took place.

A full functional remote is included to cycle through the system if you are viewing the recordings from a monitor in your vehicle or if you want to change any of the unit's internal settings such as recording times, time change, or SD card setup.

  • Provides around-the-clock video surveillance recording of your vehicle
  • Allows (4) different camera to record simultaneously
  • 3 different trigger zones for recording: Ignition, reverse and dome light (Security)
  • Recordings can be viewed on any monitor in your vehicle on-sit4e or from your home computer
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card (Max 32GB)
  • NTSC / PAL video system
  • Resolution: 720 × 480
  • Audio recording for use inside the vehicle
  • Microphone included
  • Records time and date
  • Compatible with any cameras that use standard RCA connections
  • System can be integrated with any alarm or remote start system for extra security
  • Full-functional remote control included
The UBB-4.CQ is our "Commercial Quad" DVR system and is designed for use on bigger commercial vehicles such as: Trucks, Limousines, Buses, etc. It has four different camera inputs and a single SD card port to give a total of 32GB of storage for recordings. All recordings are split into different files automatically by the system and recorded onto a SD card which can be retrieved by the owner later for viewing.