For a complete sound system upgrade without all of the hassle, the Lynx Audio™ SW-836D is the best solution. It is an 10" active subwoofer inside a sealed sound box with a built-in 860W 4.1 Channel amplifier to boost the power output to all four speakers in your car. The system will not only add powerful and acurate bass to your vehicle and will also provide more power to all of the speaker components in your car giving you more crisp and clean mids and highs for an overall louder and better quality sound in your music. The best thing about this is that it will take half of the time it would normally take to install all of the audio equipment to get the same result.

The system comes complete with a pre-wired power harness that makes the installation go very quickly and easily without having to worry about installing all of the separate wiring that is normally required for a subwoofer / amplifier installation. Speaker level inputs and RCA inputs allow convenient connection to just about any factory or aftermarket stereo system.

The system also includes a wired gain / frequency control remote to allow you to have complete control of how much bass you want in your music.

Max Power:
MAIN CHANNEL (4Ω, 1%THD): 4 × 50W
Speaker Size:
Short Circuit Protection:
Thermal Protection:
Overload Protection:
Wired Remote:
Gain and Frequency Control
Phase Switch:
0° / 180°
54cm × 44.5cm × 38.5cm
21.3" × 17.5" × 15.2"
34.1 lbs
Power Source:
12 Volt (Allowed 11 ~ 15 Volts)
  • Custom sealed box
  • RCA and speaker level inputs for use with aftermarket and factory head units
  • Built-in 1-Channel subwoofer amplifier and built-in 4-Channel Hi-Fi amplifier
  • High-efficiency D-Class Amplifier
  • Variable high-pass & low-pass filter
  • Wired remote with gain and frequency control
  • Complete wire harness provided
The SW-836D is designed to be installed in the trunk or rear cargo area of you vehicle. The wired remote will give you full-control of the bass so that you can adjust it to your liking as you listen to difference genres of music. You can also adjust the bass boost, high-pass / low-pass crossovers and phase control from the amplifier itself giving you the best overall sound.