The Lynx Audio™ SW-616 is an 10" active subwoofer set inside a custom sealed Rosewood box with a built-in 360W Amplifier. The system is designed specifically for upgrading bass to either your factory stereo or aftermarket stereo.

The system comes complete with a pre-wired power harness that makes the installation go very quickly and easily without having to worry about installing all of the separate wiring that is normally required for a subwoofer / amplifier installation. Speaker level inputs and RCA inputs allow convenient connection to just about any factory or aftermarket sound system.

The system also includes a wired gain / frequency control remote to allow to driver to have complete control of how much bass they want in their music.

Max Power:
(4Ω, 1%THD): 120W
Speaker Size:
Short Circuit Protection:
Thermal Protection:
Overload Protection:
Wired Remote:
Gain & Frequency Control
Phase Switch:
0° / 180°
41cm × 41cm × 39cm
16.1" × 16.1" × 15.4"
22 lbs
Power Source:
12 Volt (Allowed 11 ~ 15 Volts)
  • Luxury Rosewood box for excellent low frequency reproduction
  • RCA and speaker level inputs for use with aftermarket and factory head units
  • Variable low-pass filter
  • Bass boost at 40Hz
  • Complete wiring harness provided
The SW-616 is designed to be mounted in the trunk / cargo space of the vehicle and the pre-wired harness makes it very easy to connect the power, ground and signal wires. The wired remote will give you full-control of the bass so that you can adjust it to your liking as you listen to difference genres of your favorite music.