20W Mini Single-Tone Siren

The CS-190 is a 20W mini single-tone siren that can be wired into any Crimestopper Alarm or Combo system. The small size allows it to be mounted easily under the hood and is heat shielded and water resistant to face the elements

*The CS-190 comes included with the SP-101, SP-201, SP-400, FS-11, FS-21 and FS-40 alarm and combo systems

115dB "Pain Generator" Siren    

Used as an added security measure for your Crimestopper alarm system, the CS-193.II is an ultra-compact 115dB "Pain Generator" siren which can be used along side the primary siren. When the security system is triggered, this siren omits a very high-pitch ear-shattering sound which makes it difficult for thieves or vandals to stay inside the vehicle or even around its perimeter. The ultra-small design allows it to be mounted either under the dashboard, under a seat or even in one of the AC vents

*The CS-193.II is universal and can be wired into the siren output on any of the Crimestopper Alarm systems or combo systems

25W High-Power Siren

The CS-197 is a 25W high-power single-tone siren that can be wired into any Crimestopper alarm system or combo system. It can be mounted under the hood or behind the bumper and the durable water resistant design allows it to stand up to the harsh elements

*The CS-197 is included with the SP-301, SP-501, FS-31 and FS-51 alarm and combo systems

25W Mini High-Power Siren

The CS-198.III is a 25W high-power mini single-tone siren and is one of our smaller sirens. The small design allows it to be mounted under the hood easily and the water resistant and heat-shielded design makes it very durable and able to stand up to the harsh elements.

*The CS-198.III is included with the SP-600, FS-60, FS-80 and FS-90 combo systems

Back-Up Battery Siren

Give your Crimestopper alarm or combo system a little extra security boost with the CS-211 back-up battery siren. This 25W 6-tone high power siren will continue to sound even if would-be thieves locate and silence your primary siren.

This siren should be mounted in a different location on the vehicle away from your primary siren and a power on / off key in included so that it can be turned off if the primary siren is wire is cut during a break-in. Make sure to discuss mounting locations with your installer.

*The CS-211 can be used with any Crimestopper alarm or combo system