The REVO-4 is a full data controlled 5-button remote start system that will start the engine from up to 1500 Ft. away and give you the convenience of a full keyless entry system with trunk pop capability.

The RevoStart™ system is an RF decoder antenna that is designed to plug directly into a Fortin™ or ADS™ datalink module and control remote start and keyless entry functions without any additional remote start modules needed. The features of these systems depend on the vehicle and the data being used. They require a Fortin™ or ADS™ data module with a USB programmer to add the correct vehicle software.

The RevoStart™ is designed specifically as a data integration system to your vehicle. There is no hardwired remote start connections needed. All remote start, keyless entry and trunk pop functions are control by the data module through the vehicle's CANBUS computer system. The eliminates a huge amount of installation time and since the data module is the only module installed under the dash, the equipment hardly takes up any room. The features that the data module module controls will depend mostly on the vehicle that it is being installed into. Most compatible features with include: Immobilizer bypass, door lock control, door trigger, trunk release, extra auxiliary channels (sliding doors), tachometer and dome light supervision. Please refer to the data module installation guides for a complete list of compatible features of each vehicle.

Extra T-Harnesses are also available for select model vehicles. The T-harnesses will give the installer an even bigger advantage as far as install time goes, saving almost 70% of the install time overall and keeping the wiring looking clean under the dash board.

The REVO-4 system can also be packaged with an EVO-ALL data module and a vehicle specific T-harness to give the ultimate remote start installation solution.


  • Uses data interface module combined with single-button transmitters and an RF antenna to give you a full remote start and keyless entry system
  • Includes (2) 5-button brushed aluminum transmitters
  • Perfect for Push-to-Start vehicle and newer low-current data vehicle 2007 and up
  • Up to 1500 Ft. range
  • Data controlled keyless entry and trunk pop
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system allowing the OEM remote to remote start the vehicle
  • Can be packaged with an EVO-ALL (REVO-4.ALL) as well as a vehicle specific T-Harness allowing easier installation on the GM (REVO4.GM), Chrysler (REVO4.CHR) and Ford (REVO4.FORT1) vehicles
Up to 1500 Ft.
2-Way Data Port:
Smart Phone Port:
(2) brushed aluminum 5-button remotes
OEM Remote Compatible:
Keyless Entry:
Driver's Priority Unlock:
Remote Start:
Manual Transmission Operation:
Dome light Supervision:
Horn Honk Output:
Starter Kill Output:
Trunk Pop Output:
Additional Auxiliary Outputs:
(Additional auxiliary outputs with data module)
Remote Panic:
Silent Lock & Unlock through remote:
Limited Lifetime
The REVO4.GM package is the ultimate remote start installation solution for newer GM vehicles. It combines (2) single-button transmitters, an RF decoder antenna, the EVO-ALL data module and the GM T-harness. Other harnesses are also available for Chrysler and Ford vehicles.