The MobileStart™ MS-4 is a remote start system, data module and GPS tracking device all combined into one compact module. The approximate size of the module is 4"(L) X 2.5"(W) X 1"(D). This device utilizes the OEM keyless entry remotes for operation as well as web-based and downloadable Smartphone app for operation and device management.

The system will control all remote engine start, keyless entry and factory horn (security) features as well as acquiring GPS locations on the vehicle and adding a car finder feature. The system includes an OBD-II T-harness that will supply 12 volt battery and ignition power as well as a quick connection to the vehicle's CANBUS data network. The T-harness will also make the installation a lot cleaner under the dash board and will eliminate a huge portion of the install time. Optional expansion harnesses are also available for more vehicle-specific compatibility to allow quick and easy installation. (NOTE: Optional expansion harnesses are sold separately)

The MS-4 does require airtime service to the internal SIM card to allow operation from your web browser or downloadable app. If airtime service is not renewed, the system will stop all GPS locate functions as well as device operation from your computer or Smartphone. However, you will still be able to operate the remote start, keyless entry and security through the OEM remote.


  • Sealed and rugged enclosure
  • Small size makes it very easy to mount under the dash board
  • GPRS and SMS based messaging
  • Two high-speed CAN Buses and the codes necessary to read them
  • Remote engine start ready
  • Internal cellular and GPS antennas
  • Super sensitive GPS (-162 db tracking)
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion sense
  • Ultra low power sleep mode (<1mA)
  • Voltage monitoring and low-battery notification
  • Immobilizer bypass for most vehicles
  • Multiple built-in geo-fences, both internal and external
  • Automatic, over-the-air unit configuration
  • Web-based and Smartphone app device operation and management
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