The MobileStart™ MS-1 is an add-on GPS modem for a security or remote start system. It allows the user to remote start, unlock and track their vehicle from any Smart Phone. The built-in GPS / Cellular Antenna and three-wire connection (Power, ground and ignition) makes this unit smaller and easier to install around the vehicle.

The MobileStart™ system can allow the user to track their vehicle from their Smartphone or computer wherever it is. The MS-1 tracking interface will give the user detailed information about the vehicle such as: Street Address, speed and heading notification and status reports. You can also set Geo-Fence perimeters for the vehicle so if the car moves outside the area, you will be alerted.

With MobileStart™ your Smartphone or computer can start your car from anywhere in North America. It can warm up your engine if it has been idle for days or warm up the car if it has been out in the cold weather. It is also perfect for cooling your car down in the heat of summer.

Have you ever accidentally locked your keys in the car and spend endless amounts of time fumbling through your wallet trying to find your AAA card. the say no more... With the MobileStart™ MS-1 you can send a command through your Smartphone or computer to unlock the doors in seconds without any hassle. Since the system is internet browser based, you can use any Smartphone to send the command. There are no apps to download and no files to install. Just log in and unlock your doors.

Type of Tracking:
Built-in GPS / Cellular Antenna:
Text Message & Email Alerts:
Door Unlock:
Remote Start:
Excessive Speed Alerts:
Reports Location:
Reports Heading:
Printable Reports:
  • Compatible with any remote start or combo system
  • Easy-to-use browser based Smartphone interface system
  • Theft alerts via Smartphone (Text message)
  • Remote start and door unlock control
  • Ultra-small size for easier installation
  • Built-in GPS / Cellular antennas
  • GPS tracking with speed and heading notifications
  • Nationwide coverage (Anywhere in North America)
The MobileStart™ MS-1 system is compatible with any Smartphone (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) and can be wired to any remote start, security or combo system. The system is browser based so it can also be used from any Smartphone as well. This way if you do not have your own phone next to you, you can use another Smartphone and login to track your vehicle using the phones browser.
First Year Free:
Annual Renewal Fee:
Messages Included:
Additional Messages:

500 - $39.95 (Additional messages can be added at anytime and are pooled between multiple units)

Activation Fee:
Monthly Billing: