The LC or "Low Current" series remote starters are designed for vehicles with low current ignition systems. Most late model vehicles have a low current ignition switch. Typically these vehicles have small ignition switch wires with 1 ignition and 1 accessory or starter wire. This includes most all 2007 and newer GM, Chrysler, Ford and some import vehicles. One of the benefits that our LC series provides is smaller 18 gauge wires for easy connection to low current ignition switches.

In addition, other examples of using the LC series are Push to Start vehicles and new Chryslers that have no ignition wires at key cylinder. The LC Series is ideal as it can remote start these vehicles through data using a bypass module. Some of the features include, OEM remote integration with 3 press lock = Remote Start. 4 remote outputs to control left and right sliding doors, gas cap and trunk release without any extra wiring. The system can also be programmed as a 1-Way or 2-Way system by just changing the antenna and remotes. There are 26 options to customize the system to your needs.

For vehicles that require more connections, the LC series remote starter has extra (-) inputs and (-) outputs to complete the installation. Older vehicles with larger ignition wires should use the regular Cool Start™ high current remote starters which have 14 gauge wires to power the high current ignition switches

Start your engine with the push of a button and confirm your commands have been sent from up to 3000ft from your vehicle. The Cool Start™ LC-7 system is a 2-Way FM / FM paging remote engine starting system that uses (1) 2-Way Rechargeable LCD transmitter and (1) 1-way "sidekick" transmitter to operate. The 2-way pager uses simple LCD graphics, audible tones and an enhanced white and red backlit screen for confirmation of all commands and events of the system. Keyless entry and trunk pop are included with this system as well as auto locking and unlocking with ignition. Other features include: Twin data ports, tachometer sensing, horn honk and extra auxiliary outputs through data with the use of a data module.


  • Designed for vehicles with low current ignition switches - late model vehicles like GM, Ford, Chrysler and some Japanese and other imported vehicles
  • Benefits to installer - smaller guage wires (18g) for easier connection to low current ignition switches
  • Perfect for Push-to-Start vehicle and newer Chrysler vehicles with no igntion wires
  • LC Series starters can remote start vehicle through the data module
  • Includes a Smartphone port for direct Plug-In of a GPS Modem to interface with all the new Smart Phones
  • 2-Way twin data ports to accommodate Fortin and ADS data modules
Up to 3000 Ft.
2-Way Data Port:
Smart Phone Port:
(1) 2-Way Rechargeable LCD Remote
(1) "Sidekick" 5-button remote
OEM Remote Compatible:
Keyless Entry:
Driver's Priority Unlock:
Remote Start:
Manual Transmission Operation:
Dome light Supervision:
Horn Honk Output:
Starter Kill Output:
Trunk Pop Output:
Additional Auxiliary Outputs:
(Additional auxiliary outputs with data module)
Remote Panic:
Silent Lock & Unlock through remote:
Limited Lifetime
  • 2-Way FM/FM rechargeable LCD paging remote
  • Up to 3000 Ft. range
  • LCD graphics and real-time page back for confirmation of lock, unlock, trunk pop and remote engine start
  • Out-of-range notification on LCD remote
  • Remote start run time countdown read-out
  • Includes wall charger
  • Includes "Sidekick" non-paging remote
  • Keyless entry and trunk pop
  • (2) vehicle operation
  • Extra auxiliary outputs through data with the use of a data interface module