The Backstopper™ CA-5040 is a four-sensor rear parking assist system that not only uses sensors to detect objects behind the vehicle, but also a CMOS camera to give extra peace-of-mind. The system comes with the sensors, camera and an external buzzer for audible tones when picking up any objects behind the vehicle.

The system is compatible with any after-market monitor that uses a standard RCA video connection and will give distance read-outs on the screen when the sensors detects anything behind the vehicle. The camera is a wide-angle 135° CMOS color camera which will give the driver a good view when reversing.

System Type:
Display Type:
Video Monitor (Not Included)
Audible Buzzer:
Number of Sensors:
Sensor Cable Length:
Display Cable Length:
Hole Saw Diameter:
21 mm
Power Source:
12 Volt
  • (4) Ultrasonic sensors and (1) 150° CMOS color camera
  • Automatic switching when reverse gear is engaged
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • 4-Stage simulation bars for distance display on the monitor
  • Sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle

The CA-5040 system displays the sensor distance readings and the CMOS camera image on the external video monitor. This will give the driver a little more peace-of-mind when reversing the vehicle into a parking space, driveway or when parallel parking.

The sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle. This way the vehicle can still look clean and not appear as though any after-market equipment has been installed. A hole saw bit comes included with the system to help drill the exact size hole needed to fit the sensors into place.