The Backstopper™ CA-5025 is a front and rear impact warning sensor system designed to aid the driver not only when backing up the vehicle but also when pulling forward. The system includes a colorful windshield mounted LED digital display with a four sensor direction indicator and (8) ultra-sonic sensors for front and back signaling. The crystal-clear LED digital display comes with a four-sensor direction indicator which will also indicate when it is the front or the rear sensors detecting the obstruction.

The sensors wide detection angle will alert the driver of any small children, pedestrians, animals or small unseen objects such as bicycles or parking poles in the front or the rear of the vehicle

The system is also equipped with Intelligent Detection to allow to system to be compatible with vehicles that are equipped with tow-hitches and spare tire racks or other protrusions on the rear of the vehicle. The intelligent detection can be calibrated to learn where these protrusions are on the bumper and will not send false-alerts to the driver when the vehicle is in reverse.

System Type:
Front & Reverse
Display Type:
Audible Buzzer:
Number of Sensors:
8 (4 Front & 4 Rear)
Sensor Cable Length:
Display Cable Length:
Hole Saw Diameter:
21 mm
Power Source:
12 Volt
  • Complete front and rear protection with (8) ultrasonic sensors
  • Can be used as a 6-seonsor system (2 front and 4 rear)
  • (1) Control unit and (1) display for easy installation
  • Colorful Blue LCD Display with precise detection up to ½ foot
  • Voice/audible alerts (Selectable)
  • Anti-false alert technology
  • Self-test function
  • Intelligent detection, compatible with vehicles that have tow-bars, spare tires or other protrusions on the rear of the vehicle
  • Detachable sensors with waterproof cable connectors
  • Includes, hole saw bit for dilling holes for sensors

The CA-5025 system has a ultra-bright blue LCD display with a 4-direction indicator mode to give the driver four separate distance read-outs for the sensors. There are eight separate sensors (Four front and four rear) that help to judge the distance to an object around the vehicle.

The sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle. This way the vehicle can still look clean and not appear as though any after-market equipment has been installed. A hole saw bit comes included with the system to help drill the exact size hole needed to fit the sensors into place.