The Backstopper™ CA-5017 is a front parking sensor system that monitors the front of your vehicle and detects any objects while parking and alerts you with an audible tones if the system detects an obstacle. As the vehicle moves closer to the object the tones will get more and more steady until you are only inches away.

The CA-5017 is a 4-sensor system that can also work as a 2-sensor system if the bumper does not have adequate space for all four sensors. Combined with features such as automatic audio mute, self-test and learning functions, the system is ideal for cars with front metal bumpers or any front metal bars.

This system comes an external buzzer only but can be upgraded with an LED display. The sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle as well.

System Type:
Display Type:
No Display
Audible Buzzer:
Number of Sensors:
Sensor Cable Length:
Display Cable Length:
None (Buzzer Cable: N/A)
Hole Saw Diameter:
21 mm
Power Source:
12 Volt
  • (4) Ultrasonic sensors with wide detecting angle
  • Can be used as a 2-sensor system as well
  • Includes external buzzer only (LED display upgrade available)
  • Dual intelligent functions for cars with tow-bars, spare tires or other protrusions on the rear of the vehicle
  • Perfect performance under heavy rain or snowy weather conditions
  • Self-test function
  • Detachable sensors with waterproof cable connections
  • Includes hole saw bit for drilling holes for sensors

The CA-5017 system includes an audible buzzer that alerts the driver when the sensors pick up any obstructions in-front of the vehicle. The system also includes intelligent detection for vehicles that have any metal bars on the front bumper. The system will learn these obstructions and will not false-alert the driver when the vehicle is pulling into a parking space or up against a wall.

The sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle. This way the vehicle can still look clean and not appear as though any after-market equipment has been installed. A hole saw bit comes included with the system to help drill the exact size hole needed to fit the sensors into place.