This section is a cross reference guide for Crimestopper Remote Control Systems. This will help you identify what remote control is compatible with each system. New remote controls are available from the order desk at 1-800-998-6880 Ext 215. We don't offer on-line sales. To order new remotes, we need the following information before calling:
  1. Remote Control part number (not FCC ID #).
  2. System Model Number (required for correct programming instructions).
  3. Name.
  4. Address (no P.O. Box).
  5. Daytime phone number.

If you don't know the part # of your remote control, you will need to know the system model number to locate a replacement remote. The system model number will be on the top label of the main module (usually located under the dash). All new remote controls require programming to operate your Crimestopper System. The method of programming varies by system. You will need to know the location of the Valet / Program Button. If you can't find the Valet Button, you may need an installer to help find it. In some cases this was not installed and a new Valet Switch must be plugged into the main module under the dash. Valet Switches are available from the order desk. If you need help programming your new remote, we don't cover labor charges to your vehicle.

We suggest getting the installation manual for your system available at: or